Word Fire Level 1968 [ Answers + Bonus ]

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If you are trying to find Word Fire Level 1968 answers but you are struggling at a certain point, you can check our guide for this level to solve the issue. Below, we are providing all the answers of this level with found bonus words. From the first to the last word, this is the ultimate guide list. The developer of this game is Twisted Bamboo LLC ,and he did a great job providing this game rendered with a nice graphics and well reliable dictionary.

Word Fire Level 1968 Answers :

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Here are the answers and cheats :

  • ACT
  • ANT
  • CAN
  • CAT
  • CON
  • COT
  • NOT
  • OAT
  • TAN
  • TON
  • TOT
  • COAT
  • TACO
  • TACT

Extra Words :

  • AIN
  • ANI
  • CIG
  • GAB
  • GAN
  • GIB
  • ICK
  • KAB
  • NIB
  • AGIN
  • BANC
  • BANI
  • BING
  • CAIN
  • GINK
  • KAIN
  • KINA

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